06 July 2011

Post Holiday Blue's

I arrived back home yesterday after 9 days in the Portuguese sun! I had the most amazing time in a beautiful resort and even met some footballers! Pretty sweeet. I have more pictures but they include my friends and family which I don't wanna post on here. I mostly bought jewellery (shock) as the market was amazing for cheap jewels! I was pretty excited to visit Sephora but was totally let down as the shop was tiny and it was expensive so I only bought one thing.

Being back at school is totally depressing but I only have 2 weeks left until summer begins. 
Hope everyones good,


  1. Totes felt the same after coming back off holiday. Portugal looks lovely and I really like the turquoise silver cuff! x

  2. I've given you an award. Collect it from my bloggy.



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