22 June 2011

Holiday Make-up Bag

Here are the few essentials I will be taking with me when I depart for my holiday this Sunday. Not everyone likes to wear makeup on holiday and I normally don't during the day as I'm in and out of the pool and it normally wears off in the sun in anyways, however when we go out in the evening for a meal I tend to put a little on to enhance the tan and to feel better.
1. I dont particularly like wearing anything heavy on my face so I recently picked up the natural collection tinted moisturiser which at £1.99 is mega inexpensive. It offers the tiniest bit of coverage and is extremely dewy so I normally dust my face with a light covering of powder after applying. 

2.This skin illuminator is also one of my favourites and gives that natural glow after swiped across the cheekbone, it'll also look pretty with a tan. (can't remember the price of this but I think its under £10)

4. Mac mineralize skinfinish is pretty popular and I can see why. I have had this over a year and just hit pan. Its light but gives a great coverage. (around £18?)

5. Mac concealer, another favourite. This I have had for ages and its still going strong. It's really creamy and offers a brilliant coverage, perfect for hiding my bags!

6. Nars Laguna bronzer is just effortless. I sweep this in the hollows of my cheeks, down my nose and across my forehead and I look instantly sun kissed but not too orange. I know I am going on holiday and will probably get slightly browner but this enhances it I suppose. (£22?- Jeez' I am useless at remembering prices)

7. Mac Creme blush in Ladyblush. I kinda forgot I had this until last week and since re-discovering it I haven't touched a powder blush. Its dewy and natural which I love but can be built up. I don't like looking to made up when on holiday and that whole powdery look is not cool so this works perfectly! (£18)

8. This is a just incase kinda item as I don't know if I will end up wearing eyeshadow. I use the matte brown to fill in my eyebrows so it'll prove useful for that. (£27.99)

9. 2True eyeliner is my favourite and at £2 you can not fault it. Again I don't know if I will wear eyeliner but I feel naked without it!

10. New favourite is this prestige lash matrix. It makes my eyelashes crazy long. (£6.99)

11&12 I have gone off lipsticks as of late and have started wearing lipglosses again and I think these are better when abroad as with lipsticks you worrying if they have melted or smudged etc. The first one from natural collection (£1.99) is called fondant and I absolutly LOVE it as it gives this naturally glossy lip. The second one from collection 2000 (£3? I) is a more brighter pink but still wearable.

wow pretty long post, hope I don't bore you!



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