21 April 2011

Picture that with a kodak

In my previous post I showed a picture of the false eyelashes I bought so I thought I would do a post on them to show you how well they look. They didn't come with glue but what do you expect for 99p?! So I just used some eyelure glue I had and I really like them they are so dramatic and perfect for partyzz. They work out at under 10p a pair. Amazing. I bought mine here.
Hope you all have a relaxing Easter!

19 April 2011


Feels like ages since I have posted, basically because it is. I blame it all on the mountains of coursework I've had and the two deadlines I had last week but now its my Easter holidays which means posting will become a more regular occurrence. Hope everyones doing well! 
Below are some recent purchases.
skull bracelet-Fashionology
10 pairs for 99p - Ebay
and a photo of me before I went out the other day. 

i'm selling my Turquoise YSL Arty Ring as its now too small which makes me soo angry but I think I am going to repurchase it in a size up. If anyones interested in buying it off me send me an email (its a size 6).