21 April 2013

Sunday Silhouette

I've been lacking recently and it really irks me. 

Its my birthday this week which I am really excited for. Although I will be at work all day (boo!) I'm going to make up for it at the weekend with my family and closest friends. These boots were a recent addition. I've taken to wearing boots with my blue or black jeans as it adds something extra. In my dreams I would own the Isabel Marant dicker boots but these here had to suffice. Another fave which has been gracing my nails is H&M's 'blue my mind', after a few coats its a beautiful vibrant colour. And super purse friendly too at £2.99!

I'm off for a Sunday roast now, Hope your all well! 


02 April 2013


This sums up my usual day wear (if I'm not at work).

This tee is a thin soft knitted stretchy material. Total adjective overload but I cant explain it!  I wish ASOS sold it in more colours, its a comfy dream. Topshop Joni jeans and usually a chunky necklace of some sort. I really do like the joni jeans but weirdly I think they give me a sore tummy? haha this sounds so weird but I think its because they are high waisted and kinda tight? Probably just me!  This one is from Primark, their jewellery is on form at the moment! The sunglasses are also from their and cost a mere £1. 

Hope everyone had a lovely Easter!