12 November 2012


Two of my favourite things at the moment! I bought these "treggings" (link!) yesterday and I NEED them to come out in other colours.  They are seriously the most comfy trousers ever. They have a zip of the side and they stay fitted all day and I also love this sort of velvet herringbone pattern on the front.

Also after seeing one of  VIPXO's ebay posts my beady magpie eyes honed in on these studded beauts (link!) Granted they are not as good quality as the coveted Office Nighthawks but for a less than half the price I'm not complaining!

Hope everyones had a good Monday,


09 November 2012


Lunch time shopping is always dangerous. And in this case it definitely is. I found this skin care range in Asda and I'm now hooked.

All the products are numbered from 1-4 based on which step they fit in. 

I was an avid fan of the infamous Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish however this little beauty does the same job. I think this was about £5.00 and comes with a muslin cloth - perfect lunch time treat.

Another product which caught my eye is the Deep Hydrating Facial Oil. This is a new concept to me. I have always been weary of putting oily products on my face incase they cause a major breakout. So far this hasn't caused any trouble instead I put it on before bed and it leaves me with soft and dewy skin in the morning.

My lastest addition is the nourishing eye ad lip treatment which was only £3! Again I found this strange, something you could use on your eyes AND lips? Well it actually does work. It sinks into my lips super quick and leaves my eyes feeling refreshed.

I absolutely love these products now and use one or more of them everyday. There inexpensive and so far I have noticed a real difference in my skin. Now I just need to collect them all...