30 March 2011

I feel as though I have neglected my blog this past week but coursework takes priorities these days!
I can not wait for easter to just relax, plus its my birthday which means I'll be starting driving lessons. This totally freaks me out as I don't even look old enough to be driving.

New turquoise necklace. Not really keen on the chain but that can easily be changed maybe to a longer one. 

This photo was taken on friday night. I sprayed the hair spray I showed you earlier on the ends. I am thinking of doing it permanently but I don't know which dye to use, any ideas?

I am also getting up tomorrow mega early to register for radio 1's big weekend even though there is probably a one in 5000 million chance I will get some tickets. I so want to see Tinie Tempah live!

I ordered some crest whitening strips online the other day as I've been wanting some for ages so I am going to do a review on them as I'm so curious to whether they will actually work, I crave beautifully white teeth.

Nothing mega interesting but I wanted to let you know I'm still here and even if I don't post regular I'm always reading blogs. I really need to have some regular posts instead its all over the shop with random posts, sorry!

Hope everyones good!


22 March 2011

Goblin Market

Blogging during the week, check me!
I have two deadlines for coursework so its pretty hectic on the work front. Here's me in my usual homework area enjoying a mug of earl grey.
Today I came home to a little parcel that brightened my day completely. This ring I bought from here which is a replica to this ring. They seem to have sold out and I'm not sure if she is getting more in stock or not. 

I really like it paired with my armour ring.


19 March 2011

Saturday Schmooze

Today I done went to nandos with some of my friends and bought a couple of small things!

Coloured hair spray because I'm dead coolz. I wanna spray the bottom of my hair with this for that dip dyed hair effect that people are loving at the moment.  I also bought some vans which will be a substitute for my wrecked converse whose 3 year anniversary will be next month so it was time to get a new pair of comfy trainers so I opted for some black ones (they'll go with everything).

The lipstick I bought is from stargazer and looks like a really dark purple colour. My friend looked at me weirdly when I picked it out as its very out my comfort zone but I thought why not for £3. Heres a better shot of it below.

It actually came out a deep red berry colour which i absolutely LOVE.

I am sporting my comic relief tee. I think the charity is a pretty awesome one and I really enjoyed the show last night especially the smithy sketch (how many famous people were in that?!). It makes you appreciate your live even more. Also all the news about Japan is really upsetting, you feel so helpless sitting at home watching it all.


ps I am now on a ban from spending money on rings. My collection is beyond crazy and I do NOT need anymore.

13 March 2011

Sunday Silhouette

sorry for photo booth photos!

I was unsure about this at first as I'd planned to wear this necklace with a plain dark coloured top as the one above has little details on it but I kinda like it, i'm a sucker for anything with a detailed neckline.
Heres a better view of the it. (my mam took this and she nearly dropped the camera haha )

and of course a post wouldn't be complete without little lennon! 

Hope you've all had a relaxing sunday!
take care,


12 March 2011


I've been to London for the past week and had an amazing time, I really do love London but it totally wears you out with the constant walking around and the masses of people everywhere. I didn't take any pictures as I was there for work experience. I got home yesterday and my Nikon D3000 had been delivered and it really is amazing! I've just ordered a remote too so hopefully outfit pictures will look 100x better.

My YSL arty ring. I decided on the turquoise as I'd always had my heart set on it.

The best hand cream ever! I got a friend to bring me this back from Dubai as you cant get bath and body works over here :(

Souvenir mug. Tacky-ness at its best!

Hopefully there are lots of outfit pictures to come but I need to figure out all the settings and things so I'm currently trawling through the manual working out what everything means. 

Have a good weekend!


06 March 2011


Dream Wishlist
YSL Ring - I've harped on about this enough but I'm still undecided on the colour. Which one would you pick?
Nikon D3000 - This is kind off cheating as I've just ordered this and I am soo excited!!
Iphone 4 - This would be the perfect upgrade but I doubt it'll ever happen.
Ray Bans - I want it to be summer already! 


I've been pretty busy the past week due to a couple of coursework deadlines + I've been away all weekend and tomorrow I am going away for the week so I will not be posting for a couple of days.
I'll leave you with some pictures of my relaxing weekend.
mmm a cup of earl grey 

We went on a long walk and I spotted this cute little sheep watching us
my scruffy dog

Hope everyones good, speak soon!


01 March 2011

Vegas Volt!

Today actually felt like spring despite the cold nip in the air the sun was shining and this made me extremely happy, I always feel more motivated when the suns out.
The spring crys out for brighter lipsticks to be worn and they are a big trend this spring especially the hot pink lips which are gorgeous! As seen here.

Anyway the one I am currently loving is macs vegas volt, its a lovely orangey-coraly colour that isn't too vibrant but it still stands out!

I've been saving like a crazy lady for the ysl ring lets just pray they have it in stock!