31 July 2011

Sunday Silhouette

//. I can not stop wearing my hair like this. I use the babyliss curling wand and take big sections of my hair then comb in through with a wide toothed comb for a looser looking curl. 

//. I have been pretty absent from my blog as of late and I don't really know why since its the school holidays and I pretty much spend the morning in bed then the afternoon hanging out with my friends. This week I am going to try and blog every other day!

//. I have spend today cramming in revision for my theory test which is in the next couple of weeks. I have only had 17 driving lessons but I am soo keen to finally pass my actual driving test so taking my theory is a step in the right direction.

//. I have just ordered some purple hair dye as I am going to dye the ends. This photo was my reason for wanting to dye it...

//. Tomorrow I am going back to school shopping which is pretty crazy as I am only 2 weeks into my holidays but I get just over 6 weeks off which isn't THAT long! So hopefully a few things to show you.

Enjoy your sunday! I am spending mine BBQing with the family.


24 July 2011

The Real Thing?

Sold my real one in March and purchased this fake one this week. Up close you can tell its a fake but it still makes me happy.


20 July 2011

Tea Party

Attending a vintage garden tea party today and was ordered to wear a posh frock. This particularly one is from forever 21. Need to go as it starts in approx 25 minutes.


17 July 2011

Sunday Silhouette

 Went to a fancy dress party as Russell from UP last night and had such a good night and an average day today.


14 July 2011

I bought this dress (h&m) to take on holiday but didn't end up wearing it as I felt self conscious in it and didn't have a belt or anything to hitch it up so it meant it would drag along the floor. Anyways I decided to wear it this morning with my turquoise necklace (h&m). I love the feeling of wearing a maxi dress. It feels free and floaty!

Hope everyones well, 

13 July 2011

Hair Bear Bunch

Decided to have a go at taking some photos in the garden with my tripod. I love the natural sunlight it makes everything look better. It's super hot outside today so I wore this printed dress (primark) and a jumper which is covered in holes. My brother returned home yesterday with a bunch of random hats for me from his travels. This one is from a nightclub. My hairs gone super blonde in the sun which I love although its pretty dry so I have been using argon oil on it (review to come). 

3 and a half days left at school! 


12 July 2011

06 July 2011

Post Holiday Blue's

I arrived back home yesterday after 9 days in the Portuguese sun! I had the most amazing time in a beautiful resort and even met some footballers! Pretty sweeet. I have more pictures but they include my friends and family which I don't wanna post on here. I mostly bought jewellery (shock) as the market was amazing for cheap jewels! I was pretty excited to visit Sephora but was totally let down as the shop was tiny and it was expensive so I only bought one thing.

Being back at school is totally depressing but I only have 2 weeks left until summer begins. 
Hope everyones good,