17 August 2013

H&M: The Boots.

Chunky winter perfection. I did NOT need another pair of black boots but I kinda had too.

I nearly wept at the £24.99 price tag, thank you H&M you beauties.



01 August 2013

Details : The Jacket

I always see something I love, think about it non-stop for a few weeks then forget about it.

This was one of my ex loves. I seen this way back in February and constantly thought about it until April? Crazy lady. After getting up at 9 to hit the opening of the zara sale when on holiday in Barcelona (SAD I KNOW) I came across it and the love reflourished. It was half price, round about £30ish? and I couldn't leave without it. Its just sooo pretty.

Alas my heart now beats for another zara jacket, ahhh such a vicious shallow cycle.