14 December 2013


In my few months of absence I have started university, cut most of my hair off (with some kitchen scissors in my bedroom ~ chic) and haven't let go of my zara addiction. 

Shoes - Zara | Gilet - ebay | Bambi Jumper - Primark

Happy Holidays, I'm hoping to begin posting more regularly. Maybe a New Years solution?


19 September 2013

17 August 2013

H&M: The Boots.

Chunky winter perfection. I did NOT need another pair of black boots but I kinda had too.

I nearly wept at the £24.99 price tag, thank you H&M you beauties.



01 August 2013

Details : The Jacket

I always see something I love, think about it non-stop for a few weeks then forget about it.

This was one of my ex loves. I seen this way back in February and constantly thought about it until April? Crazy lady. After getting up at 9 to hit the opening of the zara sale when on holiday in Barcelona (SAD I KNOW) I came across it and the love reflourished. It was half price, round about £30ish? and I couldn't leave without it. Its just sooo pretty.

Alas my heart now beats for another zara jacket, ahhh such a vicious shallow cycle.


27 July 2013

Iced Coffee & White Nails

I usually persuade my Brother to take outfit photos but he loses patience/interest after about 1 minute, so they aren't always the best! I have been living in this playsuit during this heatwave. It was £12 from H&M and is super comfy. Excuse the terrible photo of the back but I wanted to try and show the little cut out. My little leopard print shoes were another zara find. 

I'm now going to make another iced coffee and enjoy the sun.


04 July 2013

Barcelona stole my heart

I have the major holiday blues right now, the cause of this is spending the most amazing week in Barcelona. I have arrived home slightly bronzed, nursing a few mosquito bites and a heavy heart. The pictures above explain better in words what a beautiful city it is. We booked our stay in a shared apartment through airbnb. At first I was apprehensive about this but I couldn't recommend it enough, our host was lovely and it was super cheap for a full week! Highlights included a day trip to Sitges (a beautiful coastal town about an hour away by train), renting some bikes and cycling up the coast and seeing some live music in the El Born area. Also a trip could not be complete without several stops to Zara and some mojitos.

I can't wait to return here one day, its a magical place.


26 May 2013


I enlisted my brother to help me take some face photos. All was well until he said 'at least try and look nice, smile or something!' Hence the laughing pictures.

I'm going to a BBQ tonight so decided to make a bit of an effort. Excuse the roots, I thought I would give a middle parting a go. Not sure how I feel about it but a little change never heard no one!

My recent skin saviour has been Macs new foundation, gaah its total love.  Blends on like a dream and with a sweep of powder it stays put. Not the cheapest at £26 but its the best I've tried recently.This combined with la roche posay effaclar duo is keeping my skin blemish free (for once). I am shade NC20 if anyone is interested.

Hope everyones having a lovely bank holiday!


21 April 2013

Sunday Silhouette

I've been lacking recently and it really irks me. 

Its my birthday this week which I am really excited for. Although I will be at work all day (boo!) I'm going to make up for it at the weekend with my family and closest friends. These boots were a recent addition. I've taken to wearing boots with my blue or black jeans as it adds something extra. In my dreams I would own the Isabel Marant dicker boots but these here had to suffice. Another fave which has been gracing my nails is H&M's 'blue my mind', after a few coats its a beautiful vibrant colour. And super purse friendly too at £2.99!

I'm off for a Sunday roast now, Hope your all well! 


02 April 2013


This sums up my usual day wear (if I'm not at work).

This tee is a thin soft knitted stretchy material. Total adjective overload but I cant explain it!  I wish ASOS sold it in more colours, its a comfy dream. Topshop Joni jeans and usually a chunky necklace of some sort. I really do like the joni jeans but weirdly I think they give me a sore tummy? haha this sounds so weird but I think its because they are high waisted and kinda tight? Probably just me!  This one is from Primark, their jewellery is on form at the moment! The sunglasses are also from their and cost a mere £1. 

Hope everyone had a lovely Easter!


27 March 2013

Dainty Hamsa Bracelet

I'm all for dainty jewellery as of late. This bracelet (link!) looks pretty lonely, another Etsy purchase is in order soon. 


24 March 2013

Face - Sunday

After a long lie in I was up and dressed for a quarterly trip to Costco - this is the kinda place where you get home and wonder why you needed that giant tub of pesto which will take years to finish. Guilty!

Comfort is key and makeup is usually kept to a minimal but I decided today to add a swipe of red lippie(why not eh?). I have numerous red lipsticks but I picked this up on a whim from Aldi of all places. Their concealer is award winning so I decided to have a browse on my last visit and left with this. For £2.99 if I didn't like it I wasn't going to be upset. However I can't believe how brilliant it is! This is THE most perfect classic red. Bright and punchy with a glossy finish. I patted in some power to matte it down a little. Staying power is also on point and its still looking fresh after devouring a medium fries from mcds.

For my cheekbones I have been using MACS cream colour base in Hush which the MUA told me they use on all the models at London, New York, Paris etc fashion shows. Sold. It gives the best dewy look, a new firm favourite.

After a bout of nasty skin I am sticking to this tinted moisturiser from Nivea. It only comes in 3 shades of which I picked Natural. For £3 the quality is lovely! I think it'll be a winner for the Summer months too.

I'm off to Edinburgh this weekend for my Brothers 21st birthday - I can't wait. Expect some new purchases on here very soon.

Happy Sunday, SOPHFE

10 March 2013

Short Hair

A trip to the hairdressers resulted in a bit of a change. I let the hairdresser get scissor happy.
It makes me look about 12 but I LOVE having short hair. The messier the better.

If your debating it - just do it! 

Happy Mothers Day Everyone and most of all to you Mama June! (if your reading this)


25 February 2013

The Zara Boots & a Little Update

Im really not having much inspiration with my wardrobe lately so I decided to have a massive sort out which included a few bags to charity.

I've decided I would rather have staples that are a bit longer wearer and more 'classic' for want of a better word.

Shoes were the first to be rifled threw and flung out. I said goodbye to the tatty dolly shoes and welcomed home these sleek Zara beauties. (LINK) I was after a pair of boots I could wear out with jeans and still look dressy. These fit the bill perfectly. They have a slightly pointed toe which is something I usually wouldn't go for but they help elongate legs something I definitely need!

I've also had most of my hair chopped off, I'm still getting used to it and I'm deciding on a change with the colour. I'm thinking of maybe using the new peach L'oreal toner to add a subtle tinge. I just need to find it first. Numerous trips to Superdrug and Boots have not been successful, heres hoping they have them in this week!
Hope everyones well,