30 January 2011

Sunday Silhouette

(excuse the messy background)
This is what I wore to my friends birthday party last night. I love these dresses as they are loose fitting and flowing although they are pretty much everywhere at the moment. This particular one was from matalan and only cost £16. I wore fake eyelashes too and find the best ones are the cheap NYC ones as they are natural but effective. My wedges which I posted earlier were surprisingly comfortable too! 

Have a good sunday,

23 January 2011

Weekend Wishes

Weekend Wishes

1. This cute little purse is from topshop and is only £6 I think it'll be perfect to use for all your loose change.
2.  I am planning on saving up for a chanel blusher as the packaging is just beautiful 
3. I love the colour rose gold and I cant afford a Michael Kors one but this is the next best thing
4. I have a slight obsession for crosses and get some strange looks when I wear my double finger cross ring for school. This necklace would be perfect with a white tshirt. 
5. Structured blazer a key piece for any wardrobe.
6. Love everything about this ring. Fashionology jewellery is so perfect!

22 January 2011

Recent Love's

Mac's Hue lipstick - the perfect nude
Tibetan Silver Bracelet - Ebay
This ring restricts the movement of the finger which I'm wearing it on but I love it nonetheless 

Black suede wedges - I cant even walk in these, but will wear them with pride! 

Thanks for your comments on my last post, I love reading them all!


ps could anyone tell me how to make the wishlist things with all the pictures on? it would be much appreciated! 

16 January 2011

Sunday Silhouette

The picture might not be a silhouette but I liked the alliteration of the title so its staying!

Today's been a pretty lazy day consisting of food shopping and catching up with school work.
I wore my new jumper which according to my mam looks like something her great grandma would wear (ahh how lovely) and this is my skull ring which I also bought on saturday. I think its trying to be one of the Alexander Mcqueen rings but is no where near as beautiful. I am currently waiting on some new jewellery in the post (yes I am obsessed with jewellery) and a skirt from Forever 21 so i'll post about them when they eventually arrive.

Hope everyone's having a good sunday,


13 January 2011

I've recently acquired

This week has been pretty hectic due to a number of exams but I had my last one this afternoon and I am so glad they are over, I'm not particularly good at revision so never get much done and normally cram it in the night before the exam which is really organised stupid. Lets just pray I pass these!

The past weekend I went shopping and purchased some new clothes but I'm not very good at photographing them so I've left them out although you'll probably see them in an outfit post soon. So here are a few smaller things...
I find the best place to look for rings is ebay. If you search silver rings pages and pages come up but by narrowing it all down using different search options you can usually find something your looking for. I buy topshop rings but find the colour rubs of them so they turn this ugly browny colour after a couple of wears which is so not worth the money. Shame on you topshop! These rings are all from the same buy and cost about £4 each which is amazing considering they are real silver.
I adore Lauren Conrad and religiously watched Laguna Beach and The Hills when she was on. I bought this from amazon and I know I'm pretty behind with buying this as reviews stated it had beautiful photographs but the writing inside is all obvious stuff. This is kinda true but I still enjoyed reading it. 
There is no denying she is absolutely stunning...

Alexa Chung is the queen of effortless dressing. She's always perfectly styled without seeming as though she's tried to hard. I recently seen this photo of her (I believe its pretty old) and loved her t-shirt. I'm a fan of sonic youth which was the second reason I bought it. I found it on ebay and ordered it on friday and it arrived today! totally loving the print on it. 

I am so glad I have one day left and its the weekend finally! this weeks definitely dragged. I have various things planned with friends so will take some better outfit photos. 


ps.hi jordan.

07 January 2011

What I Wore

I'm still getting to grips with taken decent outfit posts and have decided that I desperately need a tripod to do them.
Tonight I went out for an Indian with the family so it wasn't really a dressy occasion but I had one of them 'nothing in my wardrobe's nice' moments! I reverted to wearing a topshop dress I got sometime last year i think and paired it with my primark studded belt to give it some shape.
I paired it with some rings of the turquoise variety. The first ones from my Grandparents and the big one is from hnm.

I wore my new lipstick which cost all of £1 from the MUA range at
 superdrug, its shade number 3 and I love it! I recommend having a look at the range they have there very affordable. I've also just bought a curling wand and its the first time I've worn it curly since having my hair chopped off.

Take care,

04 January 2011

Russian Red

I am slowly going to work through and review all my mac lipsticks! I say all but I think I have about 7 in total most of which have been presents and a couple i've bought with my own money (i have a part time job).
First up is Russian Red one of MAC's popular lipsticks. Its a bold matte red shade which is extremely vibrant but also looks classic. I must admit i'm a sucker for mac lipsticks there extremely long wearing, the texture is good and they smell beautiful!
I normally wear this lipstick as a kind off stain by blotting in onto my lips but I really want to just go the whole way and wear it opaque but I don't know if I could get away with it!

Que slightly crazy picture of me, I do get carried away with the isight camera its too much fun!

Whats your favourite lipstick?


01 January 2011

What I Wore

Dress: New Look
The pictures of what I wore for New Years eve weren't very clear so I decided to post these ones instead.I wore this outfit a couple of weeks back to a party, I seen this dress on this blog llymlrs and recently found it in the sale for £12 and absolutely love it! 
Hope everyone had a good night!