16 February 2012


My new favourite ring combo. I am in love with this skull one from fashionology, its real silver so none of that green finger malarky. The other one is just from h&m which will soon go tarnished, its actually already starting (sad face). Does anyone know where I can get a real silver version of this? Also paired them with barry ms silver polish. 


Thick & Fast

This was a gift in this months Elle, which you can still get as I seen it the other day. I have looked at the  new soap and glory makeup range a few times but haven't really wanted to try anything. So when I saw this with the magazine I thought I would have a try. It claims to give you 'super volume'. Which I definitely cant complain with. It makes my lashes thick and super black. I like the large brush too it kinda reminds me of the one on benefits bad gal lash if you have tried that one before. It also doesn't flake off (WHICH I HATE). 
Going to try some more of their range out now. A definite thumbs up from me.

So be quick and go get this months Elle (the one with Alexa Chung on the front)


13 February 2012

Cotton Candy

These beauties are only £2.99 and are amazing! They feel so soft and velvety plus the staying power of these are incredible. Not to mention they taste pretty good like a sweet dessert? Creme brulee some say. I have this colour and the nude one which I believe is called powder puff. The quality doesn't differ between the two of them either. 

Hope everyones having a relaxing half term (if you are lucky enough to have one)


ps Going to do a giveaway at 200 followers so stay tuned!

09 February 2012

Va Va Violet

(as you can see from this picture I made sure to swatch a few before choosing)

Revlon Va Va Violent is the latest addition to my ever growing lipstick collection. The pictures are making it look black but its just a really dark purple that comes out a deep berry colour. Pretty cool and goth-y(?). I am enjoying dabbling in these lipsticks even though I think they are harder to pull off with light hair. Next on my list is some of them new lip stain pens that everyone is coming out with. 


07 February 2012


 Coat - Zara Kids
Top - Illustrated people (via topshop)
Necklace - Topshop (looks like something from halloween) 
Hoodie - American Apparel 

Seriously in love with this coat! Its actually from the kids section and I have had my eye on it for ages then it went into the sale and I snapped it up. The kids 13-14 age is like a size 8/10 I would say. I love the cord collar, the tartan inside, the gold zips and the fur under the shoulders for extra warmth. Unfortunately I cant find it on the website anymore. I have also had my hair highlighted with some darker colours to break up the colour and make it more natural. Not sure how I feel about it but I go on holiday in 50 days (eeek!) so no doubt the sun will lighten it up again for me. Also Bought some new make up items recently so going to start doing a few little reviews and stuff.

Hope your all well!

03 February 2012


Topshop sale rings and this sweeet new watch from fossil in the shade 'blush', basically rose gold.