27 March 2013

Dainty Hamsa Bracelet

I'm all for dainty jewellery as of late. This bracelet (link!) looks pretty lonely, another Etsy purchase is in order soon. 


24 March 2013

Face - Sunday

After a long lie in I was up and dressed for a quarterly trip to Costco - this is the kinda place where you get home and wonder why you needed that giant tub of pesto which will take years to finish. Guilty!

Comfort is key and makeup is usually kept to a minimal but I decided today to add a swipe of red lippie(why not eh?). I have numerous red lipsticks but I picked this up on a whim from Aldi of all places. Their concealer is award winning so I decided to have a browse on my last visit and left with this. For £2.99 if I didn't like it I wasn't going to be upset. However I can't believe how brilliant it is! This is THE most perfect classic red. Bright and punchy with a glossy finish. I patted in some power to matte it down a little. Staying power is also on point and its still looking fresh after devouring a medium fries from mcds.

For my cheekbones I have been using MACS cream colour base in Hush which the MUA told me they use on all the models at London, New York, Paris etc fashion shows. Sold. It gives the best dewy look, a new firm favourite.

After a bout of nasty skin I am sticking to this tinted moisturiser from Nivea. It only comes in 3 shades of which I picked Natural. For £3 the quality is lovely! I think it'll be a winner for the Summer months too.

I'm off to Edinburgh this weekend for my Brothers 21st birthday - I can't wait. Expect some new purchases on here very soon.

Happy Sunday, SOPHFE

10 March 2013

Short Hair

A trip to the hairdressers resulted in a bit of a change. I let the hairdresser get scissor happy.
It makes me look about 12 but I LOVE having short hair. The messier the better.

If your debating it - just do it! 

Happy Mothers Day Everyone and most of all to you Mama June! (if your reading this)