25 February 2013

The Zara Boots & a Little Update

Im really not having much inspiration with my wardrobe lately so I decided to have a massive sort out which included a few bags to charity.

I've decided I would rather have staples that are a bit longer wearer and more 'classic' for want of a better word.

Shoes were the first to be rifled threw and flung out. I said goodbye to the tatty dolly shoes and welcomed home these sleek Zara beauties. (LINK) I was after a pair of boots I could wear out with jeans and still look dressy. These fit the bill perfectly. They have a slightly pointed toe which is something I usually wouldn't go for but they help elongate legs something I definitely need!

I've also had most of my hair chopped off, I'm still getting used to it and I'm deciding on a change with the colour. I'm thinking of maybe using the new peach L'oreal toner to add a subtle tinge. I just need to find it first. Numerous trips to Superdrug and Boots have not been successful, heres hoping they have them in this week!
Hope everyones well,


12 February 2013

Rimmel - Blue Eyed Girl Nail Polish

I love these little Rimmel nail polishes. They dry fast, they stay on the nails for a good few days and they are super purse friendly. £2.99 I think. You cant complain with that.
This one is my current fave - here.
I have my magpie eyes on some of the glitter ones next.
Hope your all well,