31 May 2011

Ear Cuffs

After seeing a photo of someone wearing ear cuffs I trawled the internet to find my own. I bought these both from ebay. I wear them in different ears and I ALWAYS get asked if they are real piercings. Also people compliment them and normally ask where I got them. It's weird as I didn't think people really pay attention to your ears? I am pretty wimpy when it comes to piercings so these are ideal.

Rubbish photo booth photos, apologies!


Take That

Last night I went to see Take That and I can't even describe how amazing they were. I went to see the circus tour back in 2009 and I didn't think they could top it but they somehow did. I absolutely adore Robbie and he was in fine form! 

It was pretty cold in the stadium so I wore this stripy jumper from H&M with my bird skull which I bought from here. I wish I was going to see them again. Words can't even describe the sheer effort and thought that is put into the whole show. Its breathtaking! Haha I need to calm down. I had a total moment when Robbie was introduced as I have been waiting too see him live for about 6 years, totally worth the wait.

Hope everyone is well,

29 May 2011

Sunday Silhouette

I go on holiday in exactly 4 weeks and I couldn't be more excited! I can't wait to lie in the sun (in spf 50 of course), look around the local market's and soak up the atmosphere of a foreign Country. I have a load of holiday shopping to-do and a list as long as my arm of things I would like including some bright coloured wedges, high waisted shorts and some pretty bikini's. 


ps. I would also like to thank all the people following my blog and those who comment too, it seriously makes me so happy!

28 May 2011

New purchases

Apologies for not posting in a while I just finished my exams! I have been desperate to buy the 'For Audrey' China Glaze polish and finally got hold of it! Its such a beautiful colour (you can see I have already worn it hence the cap being covered in nail varnish). I though I would also order some other colour's. They work out at about £4 each including delivery and I bought mine here. They came from somewhere in America and arrived in 5 day's which is pretty amazing.

Hope everyone's exams are going/went well!


17 May 2011

Imagine in your mind a posh country club


Since I am now on study leave I am going to try and take more outfit pictures but I need to get the set up correct. Which as you can see above I am struggling to do so.
I have 2 exams and I had my first one today. hmm it went ok I think!
Hope everyones well and good luck if you have exams!

14 May 2011

undecided on this neck bangle? I like them but I think I need to wear it with a higher neckline.

Sorry about the pretty pointless post. I am in a bit of a rush as its my friends birthday today and we have a day planned filled with surprises!

Have a good weekend,

08 May 2011

Sunday Silhouette

Birthday money well spent on some ray ban wayfarers. Just need the sun to come out so I can wear them!


06 May 2011

lucifer your landing

shorts, top & sunglasses - primark | converse-office | rings-topman (seriously the best place for jewellery. these pieces were £5 altogether!) | necklace-ellamasters


05 May 2011

Its always like this

Apologies for pretty much disappearing again! I have had quiet the hectic week with deadlines and mock exams as well as beginning my driving lessons which I am totally loving
Last week was my birthday and it was one of my best to date. I spend the day with friends enjoying a wagamamas, shopping then watching harry potter with cocktails and pizza.
I have some of the greatest friends ever! They surprised me at my door in the morning with this home baked cake and baskets full of my favourite things. 

Including nail varnish, I am a self confessed addict to it.

My other friend Jordz got me this Cath Kidston cover for my new iphone. I know he will be reading this so thanks Jords! 

This is me right now ready to bail on my ICT coursework. Happy days!

Hope everyone had a cool Easter,

ps. check out my new geeeky top.