05 May 2011

Its always like this

Apologies for pretty much disappearing again! I have had quiet the hectic week with deadlines and mock exams as well as beginning my driving lessons which I am totally loving
Last week was my birthday and it was one of my best to date. I spend the day with friends enjoying a wagamamas, shopping then watching harry potter with cocktails and pizza.
I have some of the greatest friends ever! They surprised me at my door in the morning with this home baked cake and baskets full of my favourite things. 

Including nail varnish, I am a self confessed addict to it.

My other friend Jordz got me this Cath Kidston cover for my new iphone. I know he will be reading this so thanks Jords! 

This is me right now ready to bail on my ICT coursework. Happy days!

Hope everyone had a cool Easter,

ps. check out my new geeeky top.


  1. oh glad you had an amazing birthday! I am a fellow nail varnish addict but love the colours xxxxx

  2. ur iphone case is so cute! glad u had a great birthday <3

  3. Happy belated bday :)
    Hehe, I like the top!

  4. Happy Birthday for last week, sounds like you had a great time - and that cakes' a beaut! love the top :) x

  5. Happy Birthday for last week! Good luck with the driving! x


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