23 February 2011

leather jacket & shirt: hnm
necklace: topshop

Tonight I just went to the cinema with friends and we saw Justin Biebers Never Say Never which I secretly loved, theres no denying he's talented and has done amazingly well for himself.


22 February 2011

cherries in the snow

I think this lipstick is pretty infamous, no? Anyways that doesn't mean I love it any less!

Revlon Lipstick - 440 Cherries in the snow

Hope everyone is having a fun half term! All I've been doing is coursework, yeeey for having two essays to do.
Has anyone got any foundation recommendations?


ps sorry for crazy air dried hair and nasty looking skin.

20 February 2011

Sunday Silhouette

This post is pretty late and sunday is basically over + I cheated as this picture is from last night but hey whatever! After seeing VIPXO blogging about the beautiful alexander wang rocco replica she bought of ebay I debated buying one myself seeing as I am meant to be saving but I gave in as usual and purchased it so I cant wait for it to arrive. 

Hope you've had a lovely Sunday,

ps. this picture makes me want to droool
via fuckyeahrings

19 February 2011

What I Wore

 Its eventually half term which means I can blog more than once a week! I have loads of coursework to do but I have a few things planned such as a day trip with one of my friends and various other things. I am also going to London very soon (where I am planning to buy my ysl arty ring!) and have been getting some new clothes to wear. Above is my new little sleeveless top that was £15.99 from New Look and I really like it, its pretty smart casual. The second picture is that of two new rings I have recently acquired, the little octopus one is adorable! fuckyeahrings.tumblr.com is my constant source of inspiration and awe over peoples beautiful jewellery.

Today in the post I also received my camera tripod which all of the above photos are taken on but I cant seem to get used to it like getting the correct angle and trying not to awkwardly pose.
I was going to wear a dress for a party I went to tonight but at the last minute quickly changed to my new blouse below as I felt much more comfortable.
       Just look at that face, how could you not love him?!

Thanks for all the lovely comments on my previous posts, I am really loving blogging and reading what you all have to say.
Hope everyone has a relaxing half term!


ps if anyone needs cheering up please watch simons cat on youtube. I have only recently discovered this little cutie and I am addicted!

11 February 2011

I took the stars from my eyes

New jewellery both from ebay! I was craving the cross earrings from fashionology but settled for these mini ones instead which were £2 I think. I have also decided on saving for a ysl arty ring, as like many others I they are so beautiful and definitely an investment. I am hoping I can save in time for march but this is slightly wishful anyways we'll see how this spending ban goes!
Loving bright nails this week, makes a change from the usual dark colours I wear and makes me yearn for summer. 
I really wanted the topshop chocolate moccasins but searched the internet and found these from priceless (you wouldn't think it) and was surprised at how sturdy and good quality they are. I think they make me look slightly manly? but I plan to wear them with my tights and dresses.

To finish off heres a bad quality photobooth picture. I am so glad its the weekend and that I don't have work this weekend. Just had a tasty chinese and now I'm going for a relaxing bath.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!


06 February 2011

Little Update

1. Obligatory shot with my friends camera. The quality of the photos are beautiful. Time to start saving for one!


3. My new favourite Barry M nail varnish in navy. I heard somewhere Lauren Conrad loves this? Probably not true but it makes me feel sophisticated wearing it.

4. Awaiting our dominoes order. Next time you order get the warm cookies, they are amazing!

5. Necklaces hanging of a picture in my room, again I took this with my friends camera.

6.This is me before I went to the cinema. I saw Tangled the latest Disney film and I loved it! Its basically the story of Rapunzel (hair envy) with a load of singing!.

7.New books with ruined spines:/

I seem to only post on the weekend as with school and things I'm always mega busy during the week but I vow to start posting more as blogging is something I am really liking. I'm waiting for some little things in the post, I love checking the post everyday when your waiting for your new things to be delivered as its something to look forward too! I also desperately want some little loafers but the topshop ones are too expensive and I cant find any decent ones apart from the ones on Kate Kanzier but the black patent ones I was going to buy sold out boo :( I will continue my quest to find some!