30 August 2011


  {haha added this photo for the loltastic pre-brushed massive hair}

Just arrived home from a chilled four days in the lake district.Pretty simple outfit; primark blouse, topshop necklace and marc b bag. Going to my friends girlie gathering armed with some real ale called "radgie gadgie". Should be an interesting evening. 


24 August 2011


{beautiful necklace from Lemon, perfect sized bag; charity shop find, fine knits that take you from summer to autumn}


22 August 2011

Monday Silhouette

 Pretty much sums up the fun I had yesterday! I went to a BBQ dressed as a cat (it was a fancy dress one) with my friend Gabs. Debuted my new weekly feature last week. Its basically three of my favourite things whether its clothing, jewellery, a photo, a certain food or maybe a favourite song! I am determined to keep this up.


17 August 2011


{tribal cuffs; stack em' up and off you go, Dainty rings with small messages, My dip dyed hair}

Good Luck for people who are getting their A-Level results tomorrow! I am personally terrified.


11 August 2011


At first I was dubious about entering the Look Blogging competition but I am 'throwing caution to the wind' and giving it my best shot!

For some people the chance to sit on the front row of a fashion show has been a childhood dream for them, but admittedly for me its only been the past couple of years I have thought wistfully about the chance to sit amongst it all. In my younger years the dream for me was to appear alongside Rolf Harris on animal hospital! I envision myself to be a radio producer or work behind the scenes of a television programme so a chance to sit on the front row is a dream that will probably not be achieved in this particular industry. The opportunity to be considered for such an event is pretty amazing and for me is the definition of LTD.

Being a six form student with a part time job serving fast food (I hate to admit it but I secretly love the it!) means that the latest fashion accessory or 'it' item is out of reach the majority of the time. So the high street makes up for most of my wardrobe apart from the odd item I have saved up for. My beloved ray bans etc. My Mum purchases Look every week and we enjoy flicking through it together with a nice brew picking out our favourite affordable items.

I started my blog as a New Years resolution as I was hesitant about putting myself onto the internet but now I am so proud that I took the leap and began writing SOPHFE, my own diary on the interwebz. I read blogs religiously and I enjoy updating my own, as well as getting excited that people comment and like to browse my own posts.

Until I started to blog I didn't have a defined style but with the constant inspiration from other bloggers I enjoy going out to shop and feel much more confident in my own skin. I take pride in getting ready in the morning as choosing an outfit to put together is no longer a battle but something I look forward too, even if it means by the time I get home I cant wait to get my comfy velour tracksuit on ;) 

Good Luck to you all!


09 August 2011


  I love the acne pistol boots and isabal marant dicker boots but I have found a much better, inexpensive version which I absolutely adore. They still have the slight cowboy esque look but with the added studs and slightly worn leather. I kinda think they are a cross hybrid between the dicker and pistol? non? well done KG.

Also found this little beaut in the charity shop that I'm volunteering in! Granted its absolutely massive and ways a tonne but its vintage Frank Usher therefore I will stick a belt on and bare it. No doubt funny looks will occur on wearing this but I am all over sequins in the daytime, nighttime and basically anytime, plus this colour reminds me of mermaids. Love dat. 
*Insert poor quality photo of me quickly trying it on*


p.s. I decided to switch up my blog name font, layout, colours, backgrounds etc. Hope you like! Also thinking of a small giveaway at 150 followers in celebration. 

08 August 2011

How to love

Loving this top I got from here. As well as loving MAC's costa chic lipstick. 


02 August 2011

Enter Galactic

{my current favourite; nude pink polish, rings and vintage hair grips}

Been volunteering in a shop one day a week during the summer and we can basically wear what we want as long as we look presentable. The favourite "smart but casual" rule applies here. My Mam gave me these cute little tweed(esque) type trousers. Ok so that doesn't sound the most appealing description ever but I really like them. I just paired them with one of the casual tshirts topshop do for £15 and some layered necklaces. Also loving the little rose gold 'kiss' ring I bought from asos. I start work again on Saturday and I am so excited as I can't wait to be payed. Really liking this and this and this.