09 August 2011


  I love the acne pistol boots and isabal marant dicker boots but I have found a much better, inexpensive version which I absolutely adore. They still have the slight cowboy esque look but with the added studs and slightly worn leather. I kinda think they are a cross hybrid between the dicker and pistol? non? well done KG.

Also found this little beaut in the charity shop that I'm volunteering in! Granted its absolutely massive and ways a tonne but its vintage Frank Usher therefore I will stick a belt on and bare it. No doubt funny looks will occur on wearing this but I am all over sequins in the daytime, nighttime and basically anytime, plus this colour reminds me of mermaids. Love dat. 
*Insert poor quality photo of me quickly trying it on*


p.s. I decided to switch up my blog name font, layout, colours, backgrounds etc. Hope you like! Also thinking of a small giveaway at 150 followers in celebration. 


  1. Oo I love those shoes! KG is a great designer alternative I think :) The top is gorgeous - amazing find!

    Love Ellen

  2. Ooh I love that sequinned top!
    I really think I might start volunteering in a charity shop. I've been looking for a job but I think it would be nice to volunteer on the side.

  3. Ooh I love the vintage sequined top, soo pretty x

  4. I love the color of the top! just adorable!

  5. those boots are so goregous!
    & i love the colour of the top :)

  6. I like your blog so much!! :D check mine and follow me if I like you =)

    kisses cutie!!


  7. Wow, i love those boots <3.

    Sadie x


  8. I love your sequin top! It looks fab on you!

    Julia @ Retro Jules


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