19 February 2011

What I Wore

 Its eventually half term which means I can blog more than once a week! I have loads of coursework to do but I have a few things planned such as a day trip with one of my friends and various other things. I am also going to London very soon (where I am planning to buy my ysl arty ring!) and have been getting some new clothes to wear. Above is my new little sleeveless top that was £15.99 from New Look and I really like it, its pretty smart casual. The second picture is that of two new rings I have recently acquired, the little octopus one is adorable! fuckyeahrings.tumblr.com is my constant source of inspiration and awe over peoples beautiful jewellery.

Today in the post I also received my camera tripod which all of the above photos are taken on but I cant seem to get used to it like getting the correct angle and trying not to awkwardly pose.
I was going to wear a dress for a party I went to tonight but at the last minute quickly changed to my new blouse below as I felt much more comfortable.
       Just look at that face, how could you not love him?!

Thanks for all the lovely comments on my previous posts, I am really loving blogging and reading what you all have to say.
Hope everyone has a relaxing half term!


ps if anyone needs cheering up please watch simons cat on youtube. I have only recently discovered this little cutie and I am addicted!


  1. great pictures, i looove your sleeveless shirt, i really want one

    hope you'll visit/follow

  2. Ooo love both blouses!
    I definitely need more in my wardrobe! >.<

  3. Such a nice outfit. The colours really suit you:) Your so lucky your going to London...I really want to go. x


  4. gorgeous rings :) where did you get the owl one?? i love it!!!

  5. on ebay, they have so many beautiful rings on there! i think it was about £4? xx

  6. Gorgeous blouse, im going shopping today going to try find one:)

    Follow please!<3


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