11 February 2011

I took the stars from my eyes

New jewellery both from ebay! I was craving the cross earrings from fashionology but settled for these mini ones instead which were £2 I think. I have also decided on saving for a ysl arty ring, as like many others I they are so beautiful and definitely an investment. I am hoping I can save in time for march but this is slightly wishful anyways we'll see how this spending ban goes!
Loving bright nails this week, makes a change from the usual dark colours I wear and makes me yearn for summer. 
I really wanted the topshop chocolate moccasins but searched the internet and found these from priceless (you wouldn't think it) and was surprised at how sturdy and good quality they are. I think they make me look slightly manly? but I plan to wear them with my tights and dresses.

To finish off heres a bad quality photobooth picture. I am so glad its the weekend and that I don't have work this weekend. Just had a tasty chinese and now I'm going for a relaxing bath.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!



  1. I love the peace necklace!


  2. hi zoe! its called 'a good mandarin is hard to find' x

  3. I love the loafers and the peace necklace is so cute <3

    Love your blog!!!


  4. Love your blog!

    follow me :D


  5. you're so pretty! them loafers are so cute, what a bargain! xx

  6. blog love! where are those rings from i need them please xoxo


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