13 January 2011

I've recently acquired

This week has been pretty hectic due to a number of exams but I had my last one this afternoon and I am so glad they are over, I'm not particularly good at revision so never get much done and normally cram it in the night before the exam which is really organised stupid. Lets just pray I pass these!

The past weekend I went shopping and purchased some new clothes but I'm not very good at photographing them so I've left them out although you'll probably see them in an outfit post soon. So here are a few smaller things...
I find the best place to look for rings is ebay. If you search silver rings pages and pages come up but by narrowing it all down using different search options you can usually find something your looking for. I buy topshop rings but find the colour rubs of them so they turn this ugly browny colour after a couple of wears which is so not worth the money. Shame on you topshop! These rings are all from the same buy and cost about £4 each which is amazing considering they are real silver.
I adore Lauren Conrad and religiously watched Laguna Beach and The Hills when she was on. I bought this from amazon and I know I'm pretty behind with buying this as reviews stated it had beautiful photographs but the writing inside is all obvious stuff. This is kinda true but I still enjoyed reading it. 
There is no denying she is absolutely stunning...

Alexa Chung is the queen of effortless dressing. She's always perfectly styled without seeming as though she's tried to hard. I recently seen this photo of her (I believe its pretty old) and loved her t-shirt. I'm a fan of sonic youth which was the second reason I bought it. I found it on ebay and ordered it on friday and it arrived today! totally loving the print on it. 

I am so glad I have one day left and its the weekend finally! this weeks definitely dragged. I have various things planned with friends so will take some better outfit photos. 


ps.hi jordan.


  1. Those rings are so so pretty! I've bought a few Topshop rings in the past and i hate them, they are way overpriced for the quality you get, it's soo annoying! x

  2. Love your acquired rings! They're all so perfect, I can't even pick a favourite.
    Good luck with your exam results,

    Rosie x

  3. LOVE THE RINGS! there all so gorgeous and unique!
    offically a follower! xxxx

  4. Your new rings are gorgeous! And they could be worn all together!
    Lately I'm obsessed with rings as you can see on my last post.

  5. I absolutely adore your rings! They have that vintage-look which is SO gorgeous..
    And I buy quite a lot of my jewellery from Topshop and rarely seem to have a problem, probably because I don't wear them much! I'll be gutted if they ruin!

    I'm a follower :) x

  6. Aww I loove that blue ring! It's gorgeous!


  7. I really like your blog so far, just came over from Caz :D xxx

  8. I have a few rings that the colour rubs of on, so I put some clear nail vanish on the inside it works.x

  9. them ring's are really preety, <3

  10. Just found your blog :)
    I love those rings! Have you got the link to the seller for the orange ring? I've been looking everywhere for one similar and I can't find it on eBay either. I need it in my life!
    Thanks! xx


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