01 August 2013

Details : The Jacket

I always see something I love, think about it non-stop for a few weeks then forget about it.

This was one of my ex loves. I seen this way back in February and constantly thought about it until April? Crazy lady. After getting up at 9 to hit the opening of the zara sale when on holiday in Barcelona (SAD I KNOW) I came across it and the love reflourished. It was half price, round about £30ish? and I couldn't leave without it. Its just sooo pretty.

Alas my heart now beats for another zara jacket, ahhh such a vicious shallow cycle.



  1. ah it's beautiful! it's so painful seeing everyone's bargains from the zara sale - i got nothing :( know what you mean about the vicious circle - you get one thing then want another (anyone would think we were addicted to shopping..haha)

    rebekah emilia xxx

  2. this jacket is gorgeous! love the enthusiasm for the sales aswell haha oxox


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