13 July 2011

Hair Bear Bunch

Decided to have a go at taking some photos in the garden with my tripod. I love the natural sunlight it makes everything look better. It's super hot outside today so I wore this printed dress (primark) and a jumper which is covered in holes. My brother returned home yesterday with a bunch of random hats for me from his travels. This one is from a nightclub. My hairs gone super blonde in the sun which I love although its pretty dry so I have been using argon oil on it (review to come). 

3 and a half days left at school! 



  1. I seriously love your hair and the colour, do you dye it? Those rings are beauties :) Wish I had a tripod so I could do out-doorsy shots, as I agree, natural light is so much better xx

  2. Hey Laura! Well it was accidentally dyed black last year and to get it back to this I used no bleach. I basically use one of the blonde nice and easy dyes and this purple shampoo from sallys that takes out the brassy tones. I suppose the sun has helped quite a bit too. Hope that helps! xx

  3. Love your hat and jewellery :) Photos are always nicest taken in the garden, I just wish there was more sun haha x

  4. OMG!! I want that printed dress, I am so in love with it.


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