31 July 2011

Sunday Silhouette

//. I can not stop wearing my hair like this. I use the babyliss curling wand and take big sections of my hair then comb in through with a wide toothed comb for a looser looking curl. 

//. I have been pretty absent from my blog as of late and I don't really know why since its the school holidays and I pretty much spend the morning in bed then the afternoon hanging out with my friends. This week I am going to try and blog every other day!

//. I have spend today cramming in revision for my theory test which is in the next couple of weeks. I have only had 17 driving lessons but I am soo keen to finally pass my actual driving test so taking my theory is a step in the right direction.

//. I have just ordered some purple hair dye as I am going to dye the ends. This photo was my reason for wanting to dye it...

//. Tomorrow I am going back to school shopping which is pretty crazy as I am only 2 weeks into my holidays but I get just over 6 weeks off which isn't THAT long! So hopefully a few things to show you.

Enjoy your sunday! I am spending mine BBQing with the family.


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