19 March 2011

Saturday Schmooze

Today I done went to nandos with some of my friends and bought a couple of small things!

Coloured hair spray because I'm dead coolz. I wanna spray the bottom of my hair with this for that dip dyed hair effect that people are loving at the moment.  I also bought some vans which will be a substitute for my wrecked converse whose 3 year anniversary will be next month so it was time to get a new pair of comfy trainers so I opted for some black ones (they'll go with everything).

The lipstick I bought is from stargazer and looks like a really dark purple colour. My friend looked at me weirdly when I picked it out as its very out my comfort zone but I thought why not for £3. Heres a better shot of it below.

It actually came out a deep red berry colour which i absolutely LOVE.

I am sporting my comic relief tee. I think the charity is a pretty awesome one and I really enjoyed the show last night especially the smithy sketch (how many famous people were in that?!). It makes you appreciate your live even more. Also all the news about Japan is really upsetting, you feel so helpless sitting at home watching it all.


ps I am now on a ban from spending money on rings. My collection is beyond crazy and I do NOT need anymore.


  1. Love the lipstick colour! Feel free to send some of your rings over my way ;)

  2. I loveee your ring collection - Jealous!!!
    loving that lippie too

  3. That lipstick looks lovely on you, I have one from Benefit which is a really deep purple but it can suit almost everyone! And I'm jealous of your ring collection! :) X

  4. So, so many rings, its unfair!!!!
    Loving the lippy, I just did a post on lipstick:) feel free to check it out?XXX

  5. The lipstick really suits you, and i'm so jealous of your ring collection! xx

  6. I am drawn to the ring selection in every shop i go in! Suppose you can never have too many! xxxx

  7. I'm immensely jealous of those rings, wowwww!
    That lipstick is gorgeous too! What number shade is it?xxx


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