19 June 2011

Sunday Silhouette

sun hat - £6 matalan.

I would probably NEVER wear this in the UK but by this time next week I will be abroad and in the sizzling heat which makes it appropriate to wear. This weeks been pretty hectic. I have started coursework again which is totally depressing and to make matters work I dropped my month old iphone 4 on the floor, cracking the screen...

Yes thats right I took a picture of it to remind me of the pain! haha I know its only a phone but it was devastating. I quickly booked an appointment at the apple shop and thankfully they gave me a brand new phone on the spot. Thank-you Apple I could not fault your amazing customer service.

I really am craving the sun and good food! 
I will try to blog again in the week as post's have been pretty sparse as of late, sorry!



  1. LOVE the hat, I need to get myself one :) Looking beautiful btw xxx

  2. The hat looks fab on you and how great is Apple's customer service! xx

  3. Your so pretty, I love the hat.. suits you gorgeously



  4. You look gorgous in the hat! Wish I even had an iPhone 4 x

  5. Love the hat :) I wouldn't trust myself with an iPhone for exactly that reason x


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