12 June 2011

Sunday Silhouette

leather jacket;h&m/playsuit;newlook/lipstick;revlon-cherriesinthesnow

I have had a pretty good weekend catching up with old and new friends and eating out twice for two different birthday parties so today I am lazing around in comfy clothes after a pretty epic sunday lunch. Yesterday I ordered some Kurt Geiger shoes that I have had my eye on for ages and yes I do have a job so I pay for my own things + they were mega cheap (£30) for KG as they were in the sale! They aren't summery shoes but I like them nonetheless.
Hope everyone had a relaxing weekend! I go on holiday two weeks today...eeek! 


 and Lennon in a party hat.


  1. Love the outfit, lipstick colour is gorgeous :)

  2. I love your blog hun- following! You're so pretty :) Much love, Bethany xoxox


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