27 January 2013

Soap & Glory - Archery

I didn't need another eye brow product as my current Laura Mercier eye brow pencil was doing the job perfectly. But you go in Boots and the 3 for 2 offer always grabs you. I've never really been interested in the Soap and Glory makeup range (I love the body products!) as the stand in my local boots is really messy and they never have a full stock. However for some reason this weekend was different and this was one of the products I left with.

Its a double ended brow stick - (I chose the colour brownie points) one end is a tint and the other is a crayon. You use the tint end first to shape. Its a really light colour so no dark scouse brow here! Then the crayon on the other end to fill in.

So far so good, for £10 I think this is a good little product. Very handy to keep your eye brows in check. I use this and then brush them through with a spoolie and I'm good to go!

I have a few products to show you guys that I have recently picked up so expect some more review type blogs.

Hope everyone has had an enjoyable Sunday!


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