31 December 2010

Happy New Year's Eve!

Quick post to wish everyone a fantastic new year! I've enjoyed every minute of 2010 and will carry with me some of my most cherished memories. Yes I'm looking at you Glastonbury!
I'm going to a party tonight but as usual I am stuck on what to wear. I never know wether to go all out in a party dress (party dress? ha I sound like a 5 year old) or keep it casual? I'll end up posting a picture of what I end up wearing.
Thought I'd leave you with a picture of me and my dog Lennie, I do love him!
Have a good night if your celebrating!
I'll be back in the new year with some posts I've been planning.
Take care,


  1. We had a house party at mine last night and everyone pretty much ended up getting dressed up. Its nice to make an effort for something like that. I work in a club, so its nice to not have to worry about working for a weekend. :) Hope you managed to find something nice to wear and had a good night! xx

  2. yeah same everyone was dressed up at the party i went to! Yeah I had a brilliant night, hope you did too! xx


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