29 January 2014

PREACH: the BEST eyeliner

I have tried multiple eyeliners over the years and stayed pretty loyal to l'oreals super liner. However after the past few times I've worn it, I've ended up with the dreaded black rainbow, you know when it transfers on your eyelid? I HATE that and as petty as it sounds it makes me very self conscious when wearing eyeliner. So I've been on the hunt for a new one, I have read so many reviews and decided on the MAC liquidlast. It wasn't on display in my local MAC but she had some in the cupboard, so just ask!
Ok so onto the good bit. This stayed on through a beach walk in the rain, a jog and there was even remains of it when I got out the shower (including using a face mask and wash). However a little bit of oil based eye make up remover will take it all off. This stuff is amazing, I will forever repurchase. The brush isn't brilliant but you can just use a thin eyeliner brush if needs be. Its £15 for a tiny little bottle but I think it'll last a long, long time.




  1. I prefer using eyeliner :) love it

  2. Hi I nominated you for the Liebster award more info is only blog x



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