15 January 2012

About Town

I bought this mac lipstick today, ending the search for a nice vibrant pink. The mac lady told me its got blue undertones to make your teeth look whiter. I cant comment on this as I am halfway through using some crest whitening strips and my teeth are in so much pain (no pain no gain?) 
I used to have major problems with wearing bright lipsticks as within a couple of hours they were faded and looked horrible on my lips. However I bought some 'Lipcote' from superdrug for about £3 and I brush this on after applying lipstick and it seals it making sure it doesn't budge even after eating, perfect! 

Hope your having a good Sunday, 


  1. you look stunning and that lipstick is such an amazing colour!
    I'll definitely be purchasing some lipcote!

    Jenna x

  2. Love this lip colour on you! Lipcote sounds so good as well! And in one of our previous posts, you posted your brown leather zara look-alike bag from eBay, I saw it and just ordered the exact same one in black! That seller is so cheap! :)

    Shope Xx

    1. Yess definitely get some lipcote its amazing! Ooo I didnt know they did them in black :O Might have to order another one because I get so much use out of the brown one! xx

  3. ahhh what a lovely colour!
    might have to get that myself been looking for a brightish pink lipstick!
    mantenso xx

  4. very pretty!...I cant believe I don't own Girl About Town.

  5. This is such a gorgeous colour, really suits your skin tone! Hope the whitening pays off too! Xxx

  6. Great taste!
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    Follow and I'll follow back xx


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