17 June 2015

Ebay Find: The lace up shoes

The perfect lace up flats that tie around my ankles, and they are just under £10 - LINK
They came in just over a week, I have had multiple compliments on them and they are super comfy! 


29 January 2014

PREACH: the BEST eyeliner

I have tried multiple eyeliners over the years and stayed pretty loyal to l'oreals super liner. However after the past few times I've worn it, I've ended up with the dreaded black rainbow, you know when it transfers on your eyelid? I HATE that and as petty as it sounds it makes me very self conscious when wearing eyeliner. So I've been on the hunt for a new one, I have read so many reviews and decided on the MAC liquidlast. It wasn't on display in my local MAC but she had some in the cupboard, so just ask!
Ok so onto the good bit. This stayed on through a beach walk in the rain, a jog and there was even remains of it when I got out the shower (including using a face mask and wash). However a little bit of oil based eye make up remover will take it all off. This stuff is amazing, I will forever repurchase. The brush isn't brilliant but you can just use a thin eyeliner brush if needs be. Its £15 for a tiny little bottle but I think it'll last a long, long time.



20 January 2014


Just some little bits I have bought myself recently.
The necklace makes me feel a bit like cleopatra? and was only £6 in Primark; the perfect way to dress up a plain tee. 
MAC's soft and gentle is sold out at my local counter, so I was looking for an alternative and found this for £3 in Superdrug. It gives a perfect "lit from within glow" as its so finely milled.
I have been lusting after a whistles clutch for ages (like everyone) and picked this up on Saturday, it was the last one and reduced by £30. I think this was meant to be. Its a pewter colour on the front then gold on the back! 

Had a bit of a clothes haul this week so I am going to try and get my Brother to take some more outfit pictures.

Heres hoping! 

09 January 2014


Jeans/Topshop Leighs Coat/H&M Boots/Primark

I enlisted my brother for todays photos, but he exclaimed he was bored after a total of 6 shots, then proceeded to take them of the dog instead. Cant blame a boy.
Debating the boots in the grey colour they do too, especially as they are £12 a pair and so comfortable.
I'm now going to eat my weight in burgers, till next time!


14 December 2013


In my few months of absence I have started university, cut most of my hair off (with some kitchen scissors in my bedroom ~ chic) and haven't let go of my zara addiction. 

Shoes - Zara | Gilet - ebay | Bambi Jumper - Primark

Happy Holidays, I'm hoping to begin posting more regularly. Maybe a New Years solution?


19 September 2013

17 August 2013

H&M: The Boots.

Chunky winter perfection. I did NOT need another pair of black boots but I kinda had too.

I nearly wept at the £24.99 price tag, thank you H&M you beauties.