06 February 2011

Little Update

1. Obligatory shot with my friends camera. The quality of the photos are beautiful. Time to start saving for one!


3. My new favourite Barry M nail varnish in navy. I heard somewhere Lauren Conrad loves this? Probably not true but it makes me feel sophisticated wearing it.

4. Awaiting our dominoes order. Next time you order get the warm cookies, they are amazing!

5. Necklaces hanging of a picture in my room, again I took this with my friends camera.

6.This is me before I went to the cinema. I saw Tangled the latest Disney film and I loved it! Its basically the story of Rapunzel (hair envy) with a load of singing!.

7.New books with ruined spines:/

I seem to only post on the weekend as with school and things I'm always mega busy during the week but I vow to start posting more as blogging is something I am really liking. I'm waiting for some little things in the post, I love checking the post everyday when your waiting for your new things to be delivered as its something to look forward too! I also desperately want some little loafers but the topshop ones are too expensive and I cant find any decent ones apart from the ones on Kate Kanzier but the black patent ones I was going to buy sold out boo :( I will continue my quest to find some!



  1. I love navy nail varnish! :) xx

  2. Aw your dog is adorable! xx

  3. I have that nail varnish, it's great!
    Yum domino's, I usually get the waffles, I'll try the cookies next time though!

  4. cute necklaces and that love that nail varnish! x

  5. I love that nail varnish too !
    And I also read the same thing in look magazine a while back
    Great blog definitely following :)
    Mantenso xx

  6. I have thesame nail polish! I think it's the cutest color ever

    pls visit and follow mij blog on http://myfashionstateofmind.blogspot.com/

  7. sorry if this is abit random,
    but do you know where your friend got that camera from and how much it was? hahaa.
    if you dont it dosen't matter :')
    thankyou xo.


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